Monday, September 29, 2008

Your Vote Is Important

I think I need not emphasize how important of an election this is. After all, aren't they all important? But this particular one is even more special than all the rest it seems. Not only from the historic aspect of possibly electing the first black president (damn a Bill Clinton!), but also b/c it's been a good while since this country was in such dire straits on so many levels. We're talking pre-FDR and "The New Deal" here people.

With that said, I wanted to use my platform to do my part and reinforce how important it is to get out there and use your privilege to vote. I don't have to remind you that people died to make it possible for us to have a say. Or actually....if you are 18 (meaning you were born in 1990....LAWDHAVEMERCY!!!!) and this is your first opportunity to vote, maybe I do need to remind you. My goodness if you are 18 that means you were 14 when Kerry lost, and 10 years old when Jeb rigged Florida to make sure Georgy Porgy got in in the first damn place. Just take my word for it. Your vote counts. Make sure you are in the place to be this election day and vote.

Speaking of which....can you believe this McCain dude? I promise you before this election season I usta have like .00002 ounces of respect for dude, but now? First he pulls this Palin chick outta nowhere to try and bamboozle disgruntled Hillary supports. Now he's on some "Let's suspend the campaign b/c our country needs us" ish. I wonder if he were ahead in the polls would he be singing this song? Son we see your shit like a 27 inch Zenith!

Anyways just don't believe the hype. Get out and vote. Time is running out if you need to register. Do what you need to do. They got voter caging tactics, and this No Obama gear at the polls nonsense among other things. All this shit is designed to do is confuse you and dissuade you from showing up and putting your vote in. I don't care the latest polls says Obama is up by 60 percentage points. Mosey your ass on down to your polling place and make your voice heard, ya heard?

And somebody get the word to your peeps in Florida and Ohio and tell them we aint going for the monkeyball shit this time around! Make it happen party people!

P.S. If these fuckers use the term 'Maverick' just ONE MO damn time....I swear fo' Jesus Imma fucking spontaneously combust!

I'm Teej and I approve this message!

*Inspiration : Suze Blue, the 50-leven emails I got warning me not to wear any Obama gear when I go to vote, the fact that people were literally killed a little more than 40 years ago for trying to vote, and John McCain's crusty ass!


Summer G said...

LMAO @ 50-11. you stupid teej. :-)
anyhoo, i'm posting again and yes, i linked you to my blog.


T.C. said...

Tell em how you really feel Teej

Noe said...

I'm posting this everywhere! lol Teej, Once again you make some very valid points. It does not matter how wide the supposed margin is, people should still get out and vote. Don't let it be someone else's responsibility. Folks have that one real bad. They say, "Oh, yall got this. I can chill." That's madness! All you have to do is look at what they did to Al Gore. You know if they'll do it to a white man, they surely do it to Obama! Open your eyes and peep the reality people!

c-stylemagazine said...

LOFL! I wholeheartedly agree with you! Keep on holding it down.

Arike said...

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