Thursday, February 15, 2007

The "Ray J Is A Mu'fuckin P.I.M.P.!!" List

1. "Imagine me loving what I see when the mirror looks at me/'cause I imagine me in a place of no insecurities/And I'm finally happy cause I imagine me letting go of all of the ones who hurt me/'cause they never did deserve me/Can you imagine me saying no to thoughts that try to control me?" - Kirk Franklin "Imagine Me"

2. Thanks for putting me up on this Niff

3. My mama would kick my ass if she saw the way I was drinking that pickle juice the other day

4. ...but dammit Im grown and I can do that shit whenever I want!

5. I take this 'Im An Adult' shit too far sometimes I swear

6. Aight now...Barack dun made it official!

7. It's about to be on up in here

8. Hopefully he has his security in order as well

9. And I know thats kinda fucked up to imply, but it is what it is.

10. "Til 4eva is no more and shit!" - Lesley

11. It's means the world to me that Les says Im a good lister

12. So he's shacking with and probably hitting Whitney and he has the sex tape out with the lawyer dude's daugther.....

13. ....Dude I think Ray J is a mu'fuckin P.I.M.P.!!

14. Remember when he was just "Brandy's brother" dancing in the background of her videos...or when he was on Sinbad's show?

15. Speaking of which....pray for Brandy

16. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. - I Corinthians 13:4-8

17. For the record....I am the most pro-love advocate dude ever

18. I just felt like being a hater on Valentine's just because

19. They say the crazy astronaut lady drove from Houston to Orlando like 9 hours straight with a diaper on so she wouldnt have to stop for bathroom brakes

20. She was intent on killing ol girl

21. Between this astronaut lovers triangle and the skydivers triangle.....WTF?

22. Es muy muy loco

23. "Let's take/a long walk/around the park/after dark/Find a spot for us to spark/Conversation/ Verbal elation/Stimulation/Share our situations/Temptations/Education/Relaxations/ Elevations/Maybe we can talk about Surah 31:18" - Jill Scott "A Long Walk"

24. So apparently the stars are aligning for me to finish school

25. Things keep happening that are pointing me back that way

26. Glad I now know the difference between flirting and

27. How trife is it that the child's mama apparently sold someone else the rights to claim her on their taxes when I dun had her for like 7 months now?

28. I tell you.............Niggerdom!

29. " the end of my day there is no companion...its just me n God 'what did u do today?' I say: i fought the enemy and God says: yeah me too too" - Kamilah

30. In case anyone was interested.......

31. Oh and lest we forget

32. Yeah I gotta find better ways to kill time at work

33. I like The Leg Room alot but WTF was up with that roach in the bathroom?

34. I aint seent a roach in person is sooooooooooooooooo long

35. "When a man gets a hard on, you know where the blood come from, right?...His head and his feet. So A : he's stupid and B : he can't run." - Savon from 'Love Jones'

36. Can anyone name me a better movie?

37. April I am forever in your debt for making my speakers work again

38. You must've thought I was crazy the way I was jumping up and down

39. OMG Drea....I know that was scary

40. Im glad that you are alright

41. For a second I thought she might've been stuffing her bra but I guess girls just use more tissue than guys do

42. That's the only logic reason I got for why we go through tissue like this

43. Kara's message was soooo unexpected and sweet

44. "Its absurd/how people hang on every word/I’ll probably never get the props I feel I ever deserve/But I’ll never be served/My spot is forever reserved/If I ever leave earth/that would be the death of me first/Cause in my heart of hearts I know nothing could ever be worse/That’s why I’m clever when I put together every verse/My thoughts are sporadic/I act like I’m an addict...." - Eminem "Til I Collapse"

45. I ended up drinking that whole jar of pickle juice

46. The OCD is to blame I am certain

47. From regular sick to probable alcohol poisioning back to regular sick is not what's real in the streets

48. I hope she takes care of herself

49. Teej = Orange Moon....that's just how it is

50. "You need to diversify yo' bonds nigga!" - Gza from Chappelle's Show's "Wu Tang Financial" Skit


T.C. said...

First off the break...LuV the title...LOL

1. One of my FAVORITE inspirational songs...
8. I do too...
9. you are right, its reality...
16. One of the GREATEST lessons in the Bible...something we should all meditate on daily....
23. meeting of the minds and spirit-its a beautiful thang
25. well than go BACK...
29. I like that...
45. I haven't done that in soooo me want some pickles and pickle juice
50. we can all diversify a little better right...LOL

911 said...

New on the internet just not on your blog....smh...lazy.