Monday, January 01, 2007

For The New Year.....

Originally I wanted to post a general thought for all to think about while going into the new year. I was merely gonna reiterate things Ive said in previous blogs like 'This life is truly what you make it' and so on. Then, while thumbing through my favorite book of Selected Poems of Nikki Giovanni I found this card that my good friend Lesley made me some time ago. She says in the card everything I wanted to express. Like to hear it? Here it go............

I wish you peace and fullness.
Happiness and joy.
I urge you to trust life and the universe.
Believe that all good things are yours.
Say yes to your dreams but also make time to thank the Most High for blessings received and for those forthcoming.
Make your world what you want it to be.

Heaven is here.

Choose love.

Choose life.

Be blessed.

- Lesley Johnson

P.S. Les? I betcha didnt know that I keep that card in my Nikki book didja? Yes indeedy..the same Nikki book that I will not board a plane with. Those are some hellified thoughts you put together there GS.

Have a GREAT '07 yall.


Blu Jewel said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I pray that it's filled with an abundance of joy and happiness, but with a delicate sprinkling of pain to keep things balanced and to maintain humility. "God don't make mistakes!" - From Idlewild

NegroPino™ said...

Happy NEw Year

simnicity said...

Hey Teejgy Weegy...

Your friend wrote some beautiful words, maybe she could collaborate with Baz Luhrmann!!

*strokes imaginary beard*
okay he did the sunscreen thingy-ma_jig already....

*she ponders*

How about... "Everybody's Free To Eat Ice Cream"


Well new year or not, I hope each day is rich and brings you closer to achieving your definition of happiness!

Janity said...

Just checking in with you Teej-ee-kins, Happy New Year!!