Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hot Sex On A Platter

As a society we are oversexed.

(And I know that this is a total 180 coming off my previous blog, but hey....that's my complexity for ya ass. Deal with it!)

Like I was saying though....we are bombarded with images and innuendos of sex on the daily. In movies, on TV, on the radio, in print and definitely on the internet. Sex is everywhere and it's used to sell everything!

I remember taking note of the line "I'll be your lollipop/You can lick me everywhere!" from Mtume's "Juicy" in 1983. I was 5 years old going on 6 and I remember thinking long and hard (no pun intended) about what she meant by that line. That shit was on the radio all day every day so I just kept hearing it. Looking back...that was around the time where music just started to get blatant. Christmas of 1984 I distinctly remember asking for New Edition's self titled album and Prince's "Purple Rain" soundtrack and I got them shits. Now yall all know about some "Purple Rain". Or rather yall know about track #5....a lil number called "Darling Nikki". I was told that I could not listen to that song straight up. When asking why I was told there were some things I was "too young to know about". And I clearly remember thinking "Well why the hell did you buy me the album lady?!?!?" So needless to say I snuck and listened anyways. "What the fuck is 'masturbating with a magazine'!?!?!?" is what I thought when I first heard the line. My point is...I was 7 at the time and that was really risque for then. But now?.....

* "Wait til you see my dick! Imma beat that pussy up! " - Ying Yang Twins "Wait (The Whisper Song)"

Cant get any more blantant than that I dont think. So my question is....when, or even more importantly HOW did it get to be this way. Obviously we have been pushing the envelope of what can and cant be seen or said til we have pushed the damn envelope off the cliff. You can damn near see two naked people grinding on network TV. Remember when there was all this big hoopla about ABC flashing Jimmy Smits' ass on NYPD Blue? Why do you need to see bare ass on network TV for anyways?

In the Premier ads for Puffy's cologne the billboards and print ads had him sitting at the edge of bed, looking as though he is just getting up with 3 women in bed with him. Now mind you...nann one of these fools got a lick of clothing on. They are all being covered by the bedsheets. Is that not sex? Will the cologne help you get some ass? Probably not...but they want you to think that obviously.

I can go on and on with examples of sex being everywhere but the whole point of this is that it just makes me think of what is being done to young impressionable minds. How is it affecting their attitudes on sex. It wasnt as blatant when we were growing up as it now. I's just something that I was tripping on............What yall think?

(Can I end a blog like this? Damn right I can!)


j.a.c. said...

I'm with you on this on Teej. I was just talking about this over the weekend with my Bible study conductor and my sister. We were reminiscing back to the age where you couldn't curse on television or radio. Now-a-days though it's just out of control. It's the same with sex. The imagry and outright blatant advertising is crazy. It's no wonder my parents wouldn't allow me to watch certain shows... I think I'll do the same with my children. But imagine how much worse it will be when our generation has kids!! Our kids are only going to be allowed to watch 1 channel! As time goes on, things get worse... and that goes for everything. Wars, explicit language, sex, natural disasters... It's horrible. But believe that all this is going to come to an end soon. I bet my life on that.

Afro Diva said...

Society has always been obsessed with sex, but I will agree that things are a bit out of control these days. But how it affects the youth is still up to the parents.

I also wanted the Purple Rain soundtrack, hell I wanted to see the movie, but my parents didn't play that. In fact, I didn't see a Rated R movie until I was in highschool (It was Mo' Better Blues). I remember buying the Black Sheep album and when my Dad walked in a heard some of the lyrics he almost confiscated my CD player.

The world may be going to hell, but we still have the power to control our environment.

I know I was sheltered, but at 30 looking back, I am grateful for it. I was really able to develop my sexuality at my own pace without being unduly influenced by society.

What's on TV and radio definitely affects young minds, but that's why its up to parents to shield their kids from the nonsense. This is of course why I am not to eager to b/c a mommy, that is hard work!

However as a very grown woman, i truly did enjoy your the previous blog and love my trashy novels, erotic literature, erotic art and everything else that's sexy so I won't be mad if you treat us to more ;-)

There's a time and a place for everything and no one under the age of 18 should ever be watching stuff like BET Uncut (waaaaay out of control)