Monday, January 08, 2007

The "Life's A Crackhead...." List

1. "See this is real talk Imma always stay (no matter what)/Good or bad (thick and thin)/Right or wrong (all day everyday)/Now if you're down on love/or don't believe/This ain't for you (no, this ain't for you)/And if you got it deep in your heart/And deep down you know that it's true (come on, come on, come on)/Well let me see you put your hands up....." - Mary J. Blige "Be Without You"

2. You know I put my hand up everytime, right?

3. Shole do feel it that much!

4. Hold up! Wait a minute! I aint finished with it yet.....

5. "We've been too strong for too long/And I can't be without you baby/And I'll be waiting up until you get home/'cuz I can't sleep without you baby/Anybody who's ever loved ya know just what I feel/Too hard to fake it/Nothing can replace it/Call the radio if you just can't be without your baby" - Mary J. Blige "Be Without You"

6. Now when's the last time you called the radio station to dedicate some shit?

7. You aint got much soul if you cant feel that

8. And we all know that Teej got soul

9. Dont trip....I refer to myself in 3rd person more times than you know

10. So wait.... 'Tittage' is a word apparently

11. I heard E use it in a sentence and therefore I accept it's legitimacy

12. Do yall really be reading the lyrics that I include on these list?

13. They are soooo important to me as they are usually how I feel or shit that just sticks out in my head

14. Read them shits yo!

15. Sorry...but Im giving Jen Hudson a B- on her remake of "And I Am Telling You"

16. "turn the page, revise and reset, and create something wonderful!" - Mina

17. How the fuck can anyone be mad at Okrah for opening that school in South Africa?!?!?!?

18. I wonder if that song is for me

19. Why do I get the feeling that this damn "I Love New York" show is gonna be another ratings bonanza for VH1?

20. Mindlessness I tell you

21. Its not that I have anything against gay people

22. Its just that I dont like gay people hitting on me

23. Unless of course it's a gay girl....then you know....that's okay!

24. So Keith Ellison becomes the first muslim elected to Congress and uses the Koran to be sworn in as opposed to the Bible?


26. Did I really just catch myself singing....

27. "I got an icebox where my heart usta be!" - Omarion "Ice Box"

28. Does that mean I might could be an Omarion fan?

29. Im not sure Im comfortable with being labeled as such

30. Although I'll never front on "Touch"

31. I still dont think Im comfortable that they had the baby sprawled out on the table at the bowling alley like that

32. The FDA is set to OK food that comes from cloned animals....and they dont feel the need to label shit!

33. Im not ashamed to admit that whenever I can I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE watching Ellen DeGeneres' show

34. The stress is in and on my

35. "I don't bend, break, fold, scratch/Go down my mental rolodex/See these are words I just don't know/I know stress, drama, niggas upset my mama/....but I'm a survivor/Plus I'm liver than most..." - Jay Z "Guilty Until Proven Innocent"

36. Seeing as though how it is WINTER and all...I sincerely hope mugs dont act all shocked when the snow starts coming in droves

37. Could they be any more anal at my place of employment?

38. Biscuits....see your name? You had better be reading homie!

39. "Life's a crackhead and I keep leaving my TV on the front porch" - Cecily

40. Now if that aint the realest shit I done heard in a while....

41. It goes from hurt to anger to indifference

42. *sigh*

43. (through gritted teeth) "I will wait for you/Like I always do/There's something there/that cant compare with any other...." - George Michael "Kissing A Fool"

44. *sigh*

45. Having unconditional love for your peeps can suck huge dirty monkey balls at times

46. But I truly know no other way

47. is too short like Todd Shaw anyways

48. Did my mama really just end our phone convo with 'Holla Holla'?

49. I shoulda retorted with.....

50. "HollaHollaHollaHollaHolla. LemmeHollaAtcha. LemmeHollaAtcha. LemmeHollaAtcha." - Holla Man from Chappelle's Show

51. Angie thank you again for the Angel Grant mp3's

52. I currently have "Anyway" on repeat

53. That and Carly Simon's "You're So Vain"

54. I just cant stop listening to those 2 songs at the moment

55. Did anyone else see Tony Romo fuck up the game for the Cowboys?

56. He just has to be on suicide watch now

57. Lesley?.....WTF?

58. Can we say damn near held hostage against one's will?

59. Obviously Im experimenting here

60. Does the spacing make reading these lists easier?

61. I jacked the idea from Les' I always do

62. So if it dont work, blame her

63. I wanted to end on No. 63 b/c it reminded me of 63rd and Cottage Grove where me and BA would go damn near every Saturday to buy $1 "Gold" Chains b/c they would inevitably break on us (or leave a greenish-blue ring around our necks) b/c well.....they were $1 "Gold" Chains!


T.C. said...

2. me too
3. totally feel you...
12. YES I read the lyrics...
15. Naw, T, she gets a solid A from me on that was a hard one to remake
27. I love that song
28. I am NOT an O fan...but I love that song...loving a song by an artist doesn't make you a fan, I don't think
45. who you tellin
46. I know right
55. Sure did...classic (I can't stand the Cowgurls) but that is something that is done EVERY freaking day and you mess that man aw man

Eesh said...

Thank you for mentioning "I Love New York." You helped me remember to DVR. Good job.

Blu Jewel said...

TJ you post some funny ass shit man.

Afro Diva said...

5. just looking for a real live example

7. I'm thinking i may have lost my soul then

17. for real though, i didn't hear them complaining when she built a damn neighborhood in new orleans. stop the hating, she is my hero!!

19. despite the clownage from some friends, i will watch "i love new york" and laugh out loud at the riduculousness of it all!!

35. this i can feel, i'm a warrior!

Hassan said...

Dude, that shop is still open. I know. I used that train to get to U of C on the daily.

They ain't a dollar no more.

j.a.c. said...

33. You're not the only one!

Southern_Lady said...

Just found your blog. Actually on T.C.'s page. Hey T.C.! Anyway, I'm dying laughing at Holla holla holla. letmehollatacha! I was just looking at that on DVD last night. Really enjoy your writing.