Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Life (The Movie) : The Soundtrack

I saw this on the homegirl Fox Brown's blog and I had to get it. This is strangely close to a blog I have intentions on doing one of these days but not quite it. My 'Soundtrack Of My Life' blog will consist of songs that mean certain things to me and etc. Follow me? Anyways if my life were to be made into a movie these are the songs that would this moment from the top of my head.

Opening credits: "Once Again" - A Tribe Called Quest

Waking up: "Lovely Day" - Bill Withers

Average day: "Just Another Day" - Queen Latifah

First date: "Newness" - Musiq

Falling in love: "Loves Taken Over" - Chante Moore

Love scene: "Insatiable" - Prince

Fight scene: "Complicated" Avril Lavigne

Breaking up: "Green Eyes" - Erykah Badu

Getting back together: "Love Again" - Jill Scott & Jazz of Dru Hill

Secret love: "You, Me & He" - Mtume

Life's okay: "Little Things" - India.Arie

Mental breakdown: "Losing My Religion" - REM

Driving: "Two Dope Boyz In A Cadillac" - Outkast

Learning a lesson: "Lessons Learned" - Funky Poets

Deep thought: "Dont Know Why" - Norah Jones

Flashback: "Rhythm Of The Night" - Debarge

Partying: "Celebration" Kool & The Gang

Happy dance: "As" - Stevie Wonder

Regreting: "Forever, For Always, For Love "- Lalah Hathaway

Long night alone: "Syeeda's Song Flute" - John Coltrane

Death scene: "When I Die" - Nikki Giovanni

Closing credits: "Going Back To Saturn" - Stevie Wonder


T.C. said...

Nice soundtrack...I did mines a while back but off my windows media the top of your head takes skills...but I am diggin it...especially that Queen Latifha joint...that was my JAM off of Black Reign I need to get that CD again...

Ladessa said...

Very good list. It really offered me a glimpse.

NegroPino™ said...