Sunday, December 18, 2005

The "4 Days In The Making" List

*I'm all better peoples. Thanks for all the well wishing*

1. "Take your time baby/dont you rush a thing/Dont you know I know/we all are struggling?/ I know it is hard/but we will get by/and if you dont believe in me/just believe in He" - Mary J. Blige "My Life"
2. I have a sickness
3. My sickness is I'd rather buy music than clothes
4. Dude I need new gear bad!
5. My mommy broke her arm at work last week
6. She just had surgery to fix it
7. Our last name is Armour, and it aint pronounced 'Omar' like that dumb nurse kept saying it
8. Did I mention that Im dead broke?
9. Think that stopped me from copping that Freddie Jackson album at Borders?
10. I just had to though.......It was $4!!!!!
11. In Teejland.....Music=Crack
12. Here comes Loreal
13. 2006 is a-coming yall!
14. Yall betta be ready b/c Im is!
15. Di? 'Reeny? Yall ready to do the damn thing?
16. So the smoking ban has been approved in Chicago

17. And then they just threw a $.20 cent increase on cigarettes
18. Ha ha!!.....*Teej laughs at the smokers*
19. "C'mon baby light my fire/Everything you drop is so tired/Music is supposed to inspire/ How come we aint getting no higher?" - Lauryn Hill "Superstar"
20. My lists arent so random
21. I be having paragraphs broken up by these numbers
22. This bike has got to leave my bedroom!

23. In spite of my brokeness the first thing Im gonna buy when I get paid is some custom running shoes from Fleet Feet
24. Im tired of bruising my feet by running in non-running shoes
25. Mariah's new song "Dont Forget About Us" reminds me of KK
26. Oh please know that she will make a 'I miss my baby' song on your ass in a hot minute
A. "Dont Forget About Us"
B. "We Belong Together"
C. "I Still Believe"
D. "Always Be My Baby"
E. "Love Takes Time"
F. "I'll Be There" (Remake)
27. And that's off the top of my head
28. Is it weird that "Reunited" by Peaches and Herb came on as I was typing that Mariah part?
29. We will have the show available to view online soon!
30. Any of you people out there knew I did a TV show here?
31. KD Aubert was hella cool.
32. The pics came out nice.
33. A digital camera sure would come in handy
34. I think Ms. Marvelous is gonna be a good friend
35. The child brought me applesauce just cause!
36. "We probably in hell already/Our dumb asses not knowing/Everybody kissing ass to go heaven/and aint going/Put my soul on it!/Im fighting devil niggas daily/Plus the media be crucifying brothas severely" - Makaveli aka 2Pac "Blasphemy"
37. No Treo or Blackberry for me
38. Them student loan bitches made it a point to see to that shit
39. Punk asses!
40. Why does he think I wanna continuously hear about his trife love life?
41. I dont want to get another email accountt but gmail is soooooo tempting
42. Hello Evie
43. You and me sugah....You and me!

44. I dunno what I thought I was saving that rum for
45. But that aint how I imagined drinking it
46. Why wont Randy, Marlon and Tito do their own BBD-esque group and stop playing?
47. How is it possible to be this sentimental?
48. "Love is.......a feeling you've met before in a previous life." - Love is... Comic Strip
49. Im gon get my Ossie and Ruby love
50. And you can pat ya stomach to that shit!
51. *wink*


Maisha said...

u r a PM

~ Eclectic Soul ~ said...

*Whewwww* on Freddie Jackson

"... Just gimme that Tasty Love..."


"Reunited" was the jam! I buy music over clothes too... Thanks for the welcome, email me if you want an invitation for a gmail acct, thinkin you can let the invite marinate and it'll still work later if you decide to use it.


nikki said...

freddie was da ish. i still love 'jam tonight'...i get to shaking the hips whenever i hear that song. it reminds me of a party my parents threw right around the time it first came out. they played that song constantly that night, and i was in my bedroom hopping around and jamming right along with the adults.

mytruth said...

My life is that heat! Mariah has made the same song like 5 times and ppl keep buying it.

Anonymous said...

I'll take that bike off your hands in a heartbeat ;-) Doesn't hurt to try.

Although its gonna take awhile before I can get any physical activy done. I'm getting back surgery done Jan 4th.


Janity said...

Freddie made a song called "Janay"...

that's all I gotta say 'bout that

Reese said...

Ok I'm laughing @ #46... Randy, Tito and Marlon were like the most untalented ones of the Group.. LMAO.. that is why Tito ass was always on the guitar.. No one remembers Marlon or Randy even in the damned group! U are a fool!!!!!!!

Lesley said...

You are so funny Teej.

I feel the way you feel about music... about books. I will be broke as hell and buy a book!! Silly!!

I hope your mommy gets better.

I'm not ready!

I would love a Treo! They are so nice. My phone sucks ass.

*pats stomach*