Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 4 - A Song That Calms You Down (25 Songs in 25 Days)

The Winans Feat. Anita Baker “Aint No Need To Worry”

Maaaaan listen. These here words? “Aint no need to worry/ What the night is gonna bring/ It’ll be all over in the morning“…. I mean, really! What else needs to be said? And then at the very end when Anita goes Penecostal on yall…. “Everyday’s a new day/ Yesterday is dead and gone/ Just take yourself home/ and just carry yourself on/ Sun’s gonna shine on your face/ Make you feel like/ like you can run this race/ and you can be the winner/ Take the prize and go home…”. I’m pretty sure she was testifying in that recording booth because they surely had to fade her vocals out to end the song.

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