Tuesday, April 12, 2011

25 Songs, 25 Days. Day 1 - A Song From Your Childhood

Prince & The Revolution “Darling Nikki”

I begged and pleaded for the “Purple Rain” album as a 7 yr old. My mom finally relented and gave it to me for Christmas BUT I was expressly forbidden from listening to ‘Track 5’. So of course the very first moment that I could, I snuck and listened to it. I just remember sitting there with a dumbstruck look on my face like “WTF does ‘masturbating with a magazine’ mean!??!!?”

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Ndygo Sunshyne said...

I was 8 & my father had taken me to see the movie when he took a group of teenagers to see it. Ironically, I was in Chicago visiting him that summer. My mother hadn't seen the movie & got me the tape. Something in me knew better than to play Darlin Nikki in earshot of ANYONE. I used to listen to it on the floor between my double beds with the volume so low I had to put my ear against my boom box speakers.