Thursday, May 13, 2010

The "Ordinary Pain" List

1. "We all know sometimes life's hates and troubles/ can make you wish you were born in another time and space/ But you can bet your life times that and twice its double/ that God knew exactly where she wanted you to be place..." - Stevie Wonder "As"

2. If I cant write shit else right now, I can list my ass off so here goes nothing......

3. Thanks to Angie and Nyree who kept pushing me to write something....anything.

4. Also shouts out to Les, Lor, Kristin and Andrea who got the listing ball rolling again with our email chain.

5. Hold on's only a storm. This too shall pass.

6. It's just an ordinary pain (c) Stevie

7. This adulthood shit though!?!?!.......*whew*........I tell you!

8. Call me crazy....but I do kinda miss the myspace hey day

9. Something about it wasn't as wide open and out of control as this twitter/facebook age

10. "(Stevie Wonder's) "Songs in the Key of Life" is a healing Masterwork." - dream hampton

11. If you don't have a copy of "Songs In The Key Of Life" I suggest you get one. It really has answers to just about all of life's problems. Seriously it does!

11. Maybe when I officially become a cool writer type I'll go ahead and switch my name to all lower cases. Only the coolest scribes (i.e. bell hooks and dream hampton) do that.

12. Anyone especially surprised that BP has been lying to us this whole time about the intensity of the oil spill? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

13. Nowadays I have a 'wait and see' attitude about most things. Nothing is ever what they initially say it is.

14. Sometimes I think I have such an unorthodox view of death. It's really not a sad occasion to me. Hard to explain. Definitely no means to jump for joy but I'm not overwhelmed with sadness most times

15. The soul remains alive. I truly believe that just the physical shell expires. The spirit of that person is still there.

16. I have a great-uncle hanging on by a thread right now and I'm dreading sitting through a sad sad funeral.

17. The whole viewing of the body thing I never do. Funerals in general are pretty damn morbid to me.

18. "Hard to be a spiritual being when shit is shaking what you believe in" - Talib Kweli "Respiration"

19. So in case you missed the memo : I GOT FIRED FROM THE HOTEL BEEZY after 6 1/2 years......

20. ......and no it wasn't (as we all thought it would be) for finally hauling off and cussing out a dumb guest

21. Instead I got fired for being late when I told the mgr a month prior to the actual day that I would be late on this particular day b/c I was working a tv production

22. Oh and I also got in trouble for not speaking with a mgr the day of (when I called in to inform them (again) that I would be late that day)......even though there was no manager there when I called

23. To keep it completely 100 though....dude did me a favor by firing me. I didn't need to be there anymore. That place was completely sucking the soul out of me.

24. I'll miss the consistent money though.

25. I wonder why said ex-manager obviously hated me so much as to try to deny me the little money owed to me on my last check and block my unemployment?

26. What kinda unwarranted kick in the nuts is that? I mean it's not like when he fired me I cussed him out, threatened his life and tore the hotel up or anything. I didn't even get "ethnic" or give my speech on who was cool and who could kiss the center of my ass. I was pretty calm if you ask me.

27. No worries though. Im #ontothenext and living my life now. Thanks Mr. Jimenez!

28. ".....I don't ever wanna go back there/ So I wont be taking no days off/ 'til my spaceship takes off. BLAH!" - Consequence "Spaceship"

29. Superior Media Group is the spaceship that I will be making sure takes off case you ain't know

30. If I can help it at all....I'm done working FOR people. I don't do well with authority much.

31. Plus I have sooooo many inspiring friends doing their own thing. We are 'Revolutionary Entrepreneurs' for real!

32. The Cavs really disappointed me. I thought this was their year. LeBron doesn't seem to have that killer instinct yet

33. My dude if you're the best player/leader of your team AND league MVP.....if yall gon lose Imma need you take over the game at some point. I know you wanna get your teammates involved and not be accused of being selfish, but at certain times Mr. MVP you gotta throw the team on your back and THUG your way through close games. Mike did it. Kobe does it. Where you at 'Bron?

34. It's gon be an interesting off-season to say the least with LeBron, D-Wade, Melo, Chris Bosh, etc. all free to roam

35. "You just have to write, or give up and forget about it!" - Anonymous

36. I swear I need to write this on post-it notes and hang it all over my place

37. And with that you can consider my blog back bishes!!!!!

38. Now if I can only keep up with that proclamation......that's like the 50-leventh time I dun said that

39. So wait.......Gucci Mane had a post-release from jail news conference? Really?!?!?!?

40. Like what in the mildly retarded hell do you have to talk about dude?

41. thought you was a political prisoner or something?

42. If you don't take your monkey (looking) ass on and make some more mush mouth raps......

43. "Yes I got some candy kisses for your lips/ Yes I got some honey suckle chocolate dripping kisses full of love for you" - Stevie Wonder "Do I Do"

44. The fact that we went back and forth strictly speaking in Stevie song

45. Happy 60th Stevland!

46. Don't forget the MOVE house bombing in Philly 5/13/85

47. I love Mary J.....but her starring in a Nina Simone biopic concerns me. *crosses fingers*

48. Then again when I got word that Common was the lead in this "Just Wright" movie I was concerned as well......(and yall bet not let me feel like I was the only one)....but thankfully all the feedback I've heard thus far suggests that it's not the worst movie ever made so.....

49. Enjoy the fuckery of "Cook Dem Gritz" :

50. "I hate writing. I love having written." - Dorothy Parker


Ebony Rose said...

always love reading your thoughts. you inspire me :)

Tirani said...

...and he's back- again. Good job Teej. Interesting as always.

Tink said...

Yeah, Apple Freckles!

Cristal Bubblin said...

I'm sooooo with you on 23, 24, & 30! YOU CAN DO EEEETTT!!

HoneyB said...

So I was FINNA say that 1) I do NOT do funerals, and 2) I don't sweat death. Then I remembered our Scorpion connection. Don't know if that's the reason or not, but I feel ya. I shole do.

T.C. said...

yes if all you do is list PLEASE keep listing because if this thang right here wasn't the TRUTH! luvs it...
and i used that quote not to long ago...
songs...does in fact answer TONS of questions we all have about life and love and just being an adult (which by the way can kick mad rocks most days)

definitely use this time as an opportunity to do what YOU want Teej you are mad talented and you can definitely do something with all your gifts...

and as for old buddy, people need to remember what you put out you get back so the universe will deal with that you just keep doing you