Wednesday, May 26, 2010

As Told To Me By A Friend.....(Evolution/Revolution)

"So happy you got fired. When it comes to my artist friends being in 9 to 5's they despise, I like to tell them it's about revolution, not evolution. We keep waiting for things to change, evolution. But without Revolution, that change could take forever. Take this time to make your situation better!"

Makes all the sense in the world. Thanks Sant!

(P.S. I will finish the damn book now!)


angie writes said...

sounds like all your artist friends have the right idea.

"you will need every dime to focus on your art." -CS

This was definitely a divine kick in the butt. You are right where you need to be so accept the blessings and get to creating.

T.C. said...

you definitely have an opportunity right i say go for it...