Monday, May 31, 2010

30 Writes in 30 Days

A group of facebook friends and I have decided to flex our artistic muscle and commit to writing 30 pieces (of anything) in 30 days.

All that bitching and moaning about I cant write shit is over lol. I HAVE to make sure that I write something for the next 30 days. Everyone else started on May 26th but being the complusive obsessive fucktard I am....I decided I'd wait to June 1st to get started b/c well....Im a complusive obsessive fucktard.

So here goes nothing.....

1 comment:

Toya said...

thats pretty cool, i should do a challenge like that to write more...or at least to start writing plays again...even if their little 1 minute plays...i would say good luck, but i see you're almost done with your challenge (i've been kinda skimming thru your post)...well good luck the rest of the way! :-)