Monday, January 19, 2009

1.5 Million Ni&&a's Descend Upon D.C. (Becuz Ni&&a's Loooove To Party)

Primary party
Election night party
Inauguration night party
Niggas will always find
a reason to party
Becuz niggas looooove to party

Screw the recession
We gots paper to party
Maybe not enough to pay
the phone bill in full
But we gots paper to party!
Becuz niggas looooove to party

Didnt think Chocolate City
could get anymore chocolate
but what do you know?
We finna swear in our
first black president
so what else is there to do
but party?

Becuz niggas looooove to party


Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - your'e right - we LOVE to party.

T.C. said...

yea it was so many parties i mean "parties" you would have thought it was howeard homecoming mixed with Allstar weekend and then a heavy weight championship fight all in the city this weekend...

it was good in the sense that it was so many people here and it was totally beautiful...but not in the sense that i mean come on people we are in a RECESSION HELLO!