Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Called Progress... (Because This Cant Be The End All Be All)

I'm not quite sure as to whether that was the revolution
that wasn't supposed to be televised on my TV the other night
But if it was indeed the revolution
then that don't make liars of The Last Poets
Just means they were a bit off I guess

More than likely it was the start of the revolution
The opening credits if you will
Not the closing ones
There is still work to be done

So now that the partying is over
and the reality of it all has begun to sink in.....
Are you ready to work and keep it going?

Has this great inspiration and leader of a man named Barack
lit a fire under your ass or what?

Because this cant be the end all be all

This simply can not be the apex
It's called progress and it doesn't stop

For all those that came before us and sacrificed
with their loves and lives this milestone is for them
but it doesn't end here

There is still many a heart filled with hatred out there
but we must not let them get in the way of our progress
for they know no better and are only acting out the last
of the hate that hate produced

It's a new day yall
One dream has been realized and so another begins
My TiTi is gonna grow up in a world
where a black president is not unheard of
It's called progress and it doesn't stop

Because this cant be the end all be all


Darius T. Williams said...

You're so deep! You're right tho - this ain't the end all be's definitely a revolution my man...definitely a revolution!

..*..tlc..*.. said...

It's definitely progress. We can no longer blame "the man" for holding us back. That's a good thing.

You've been tagged. :)