Monday, October 27, 2008

I Cant Make This Shit Up!

I swear....watching the news and staying informed of what's going in the world just doesn't seem like it's worth it at times. I just don't understand people and their motives and train of thought.

Here are 3 recent news stories that have me scratching my head.

1. Trevor Wikre is a senior offensive lineman for the Mesa State Mavericks, a Division II school in Grand Junction, Colo. A couple of weeks ago while practicing with the team Trevor broke his pinkie finger. The doctors said that it's a bad break and that he'll need surgery and wont be able to play the rest of year. You know what Trevor says to the doctors? Huh? Huh, do ya? He tells them to CUT HIS FINGER OFF! Really Trevor? You're a senior, which means this SHOULD be your last year, but then again it wouldn't surprise if it isn't with you making DUMB ASS decisions like this. So you would rather go the rest of your life with 9 fingers than to miss 6 weeks of football? And as far as I know there has been no mention of you going to the league!??!?!!?!? Word? Is that what's hot in the streets?

2. So you know about the "Safe Haven" law that allows persons to leave (usually newborn) kids at designated places to become wards of the state and the such. The law was designed to discourage people from harmfully discarding the children. Welp.....see the problem that recently arose in Nebraska is.....see in Nebraska a child is defined as being under the age of 19. So recently they had a rash of people flocking in from across the country to discard their kids under this law. In a couple of particular cases that caught my eye we had people drive to Nebraska to abandon kids as old as 13 and 17!!! Yes you read right. My only question the fuck do you abandon a 13 yr old....let alone a 17 yr old. If my mama woulda tried to drop me off in Nebraska at 13 I woulda went straight to the police station and called her. "Mama why you playing? Come back and get me! Imma take the garbage out!!!" You just cant abandon 13 and 17 yr olds. That's not even practical. You've raised them now! Make 'em go get a job and put in like my mama did. And while they've recently changed the law in Nebraska to prevent this...but still! For real people? For real?

3. Ashley Todd of Texas claimed that she went to the ATM after leaving a Republican phone bank in Pittsburgh (made no sense to me either, but whatever!). While at the ATM she was approached and robbed of $60 at knife point by a "6'4 dark skinned African-American male". So at some point either during or immediately after the robbery, the robber notices a McCain sticker on her car and becomes enraged! So much to the point that he begins to beat and kick her. Then after all the punching and kicking he allegedly carves a 'B' in her cheek. Sounds pretty fucked up, right? And if it really went down like young Ashley says it did then it really is fucked up. HOWEVER.......some shit just doesn't seem right yall. So while he is in the act of robbing her, he notices her bumper sticker?!?!? Then he carves her face, right? Like my teammate Veronica says... "How the hell you carve a perfect "B" in someone's cheek with them squirming and trying to get away and shit?" We're wondering if he used a butter knife. How you get robbed with a butter knife? Oh and so you decide to NOT go to the hospital after having your face carved? You decide to go the next day?!?!?!? Anybody else smell that? So yeah...this hooker's story of course fell apart.

I think I'm just not gon pick up a paper or read any news sites for a hot minute. These marks is getting my pressure up!


T.C. said...

real life is WAY better than Fiction that's fo sure

Darius T. Williams said...

LOl - yea - these are absolutely hilarous stories. 13 years old...really?

Anonymous said...

LMAO at that last chick. The "B" had me trippin anyway. Cause really who relates a "B" to Obama? The last time I checked we all use the "O" alot more frequently than a "B" to rep Obama. If she was smart enough to remember that then she couldhavemaybepossibly had a case cause there is NO way to write an "O" backwards no imatter how hard you try.