Thursday, July 31, 2008


Listen....I'm all for any and everybody who wants to get behind this movement that is Barack and help see to it that he is elected prez-o-dent.....but please people. You gotta respect the game of politics and know how low down and dirty it can be! I love Luda's sentiment and him wanting to express his support of Barack and get some of his vote - eligible fans behind him, but c'mon Luda! You're a smart dude. You HAD to know this wasnt the move! If you havent heard the song "Politics : Obama Is Here" peep some of the lyrics.

About Hillary he said..... “Hillary hated on you/So that bitch is irrelevant.” And while this line couldnt be any truer, it doesnt help all of Hill's supporters swallow that big ass jagged pill of her losing. Obama needs Hill's people on his side.

And regarding McCain he wrote...“McCain don’t belong in ANY chair unless he’s paralyzed/ Yeah I said it cause Bush is mentally handicapped/ Ball up all of his speeches and I throw ‘em like candy wrap.” And again Luda Im with you man...but the politics of the game dog. Of course Obama had to denounce the song! If he's gonna win this office he has got to pull off the most incredible tightrope walk ever!

I keep saying this but it bears repeating : I know HillBilly and 'nem seemed low down, all of Hill's tactics and tricks were jabs compared to the roundhouses and haymakers Republicans are gonna throw.

So.......just in case you are unsure of who should or should not speak up publicly for Obama let me help you. And read along good, mmkay? The following people SHOULD NOT publicly support Obama....


If you ever plucked a grape at the grocery store PLEASE DO NOT PUBLICLY SUPPORT OBAMA!!

While in said grocery store if you didnt actually put a quarter in the lil box for the Brach's candy, but still took 3 pieces....PLEASE DO NOT PUBLICLY SUPPORT OBAMA!!

If you ever worked in a fast food restaurant and hooked your friends up with extra fries PLEASE DO NOT PUBLICLY SUPPORT OBAMA!!

If you ever ran across anyone giving out free samples of anything and you tried to go back a 2nd time PLEASE DO NO PUBLICLY SUPPORT OBAMA!!

If you ever bought an item of clothing, left the tags on, wore it once and returned it to the store PLEASE DO NO PUBLICLY SUPPORT OBAMA!!

If you ever snuck and used a hall pass that you werent supposed to have PLEASE DO NO PUBLICLY SUPPORT OBAMA!!

If you leaned over and "borrowed" an answer or two from Carla Washington's quiz in 5th grade PLEASE DO NO PUBLICLY SUPPORT OBAMA!!

Trust me when I tell you that the Obama campaign appreciates your support, but please for the love of God keep it to your damn self or they will try to use it against him


Anesidora said...

LMAO!! *dead*

T.C. said...

i totally feel you on this one, it just wasn't a smart move at all...wear a t-shirt, but keep your mouth shut, certain things do NOT need to be said and that's one of them

Blunt.Pie said...

This was too funny but too true...people should know by now..anything you say in support, is gonna be criticised and then Obama has to denounce you. Haha we need to wait tillhe is in office, nad then rub that shit in everyone's face.

Good write!

Noe said...

Dam, I guess I'm out! I've done most of the ish on this list. lol Real talk though, I completely agree with your standing on this. Luda shocked me a bit on this one.
I know Barry was thinking, "Dam! Now I gotta hear this ish again! I just got them to stop talking about Jeremiah Wright!" lmao

Dimona said...

You are so least come correct and represent in a more positive and not stereotypical light...say some intelligent universal statements that can be well understood to any english sounded like pure garbage to me and uneducated in fact making a bad representation and spot lighting more negativity to the whole "black- negro" for president dilemma.