Thursday, May 03, 2007

10 Weird/Unknown/Crazy Facts About Me (For Aubrey)

So my good friend Aubrey tagged me to do more crazy facts about me. I did this last year as well. I really do have more wierd quirks and shit than you have fingers and toes. This is nothing. Believe me. So Triple ya go. Enjoy.

1. My sense of smell comes and goes as a direct result of an unfortunate childhood incident/accident. I'll leave you with key words. You figure it out the rest: Cocoa Puffs, Nasal Passage, Emergency Room.

2. I have to wash the dishes in a particular order. Silverware, Cups, Bowls, Plates, then Pots and Pans. Wanna piss me off good? Bring me a muthafuckin fork when Im on the plates! I will cut your ass deep with my eyes.

3. All articles of clothing from the waist down must be completely removed when doing No.2. Im not sure where this came from as it is fairly recent, but everything comes completely off. Shoes, socks, underwear, pants.

4. One of my earliest self imposed nicknames was.....*mumbles*...'Loverboy T'...*hangs head in shame*. Of course hindsight is 20/20 and some 20 plus years later I realize how completely and utterly gay this was. Im just mad that my own brother actually usta let me call myself that shit.

5. I absolutely will not lay down to sleep with the closet doors open.

6. Most times being on the phone for more than 4 1/2 minutes makes me restless to the point that I dont know what to do with myself.

7. When eating a bowl of cereal I have eat it as fast as humanly possible as to prevent having to eat soggy cereal. I dont hold conversation, answer my door or my celly while eating cereal. I just dont. Shit will have to wait!

8. There is one spoon and one spoon only that I eat said cereal with. If it is dirty I must wash it off, but I cant do cereal w/o it.

9. I hate and can not stand regular sweet potatoes, but I will murderdeathkill a sweet potato pie.

10. As I leave out the crib for work each day I have this lil script I have to run to myself to make sure I have all necessities...but my music minded ass has recently included song references to make it easier to remember. It goes like this...

*Bulletproof Wallets (Ghostface)
*Portcelluous (E-40)
*Steve Jobs' Ipod (Jay Z)
*Keys Open Doors (Clipse)

Techinically Im supposed to choose 10 people to tag, but damn that. Somebody else just do the shit so Im not alone.


j.a.c. said...

1. Oh no. I'm sorry.
2. Geez!
3. What in the world?!!!!!!!!!!! You're right. That IS WEIRD!
4. No comment.
5. Me neither.
6. You just haven't talked to the right person yet. =)
7. I identify with this as well.
8. Umm.. okay.
9. Umm.. okay again.
10. That's pretty original. I like that.

I'll take this tag on... visit soon.

T.C. said...

1.try a ring...
2. ummm ok
3. you (i'll share in my own)
4. i'll share and yea you was a bama
5. ummmm ok
7. me too
8-10.ummm ok

ok so i'll take a tag on this since you and Jac did it

Honey-Libra said...

2. I'm the same way but I do cups first, then bowls, then plates, silverware and last pots and pans
3.HAHA my roomie is like that
5. I thought I was the only one that did fam still laughs at me
6. If a show I like is one I'm like that
7. LOL I actually like me cereal semi soggie
8. I have a bowl that I always eat my ice cream in
9. I dont' really like sweet potatoes but love some regular potatoes
10. Interesting