Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The "Ice In My Warm Chardonay " List

1. "Niggas be in my face like like the government be in my check!" - Queen Latifah "Elements Im Among"

2. Yup...that about sums it up

3. Somebody tell my bills to fall the fuck back!

4. D says I should write about sex positions and then my blog will be 'worth

5. LOL....She's a perv along with the rest of yous

6."Oh You're Fucking Me Tonight" is still my most read blog.....ever!

7. There is a fine line between stability and complacency

8. One one hand I can keep a job....

9. ...on the other, I dont wanna just be stuck in a rut of a job

10. "Life's worse than a bitch.....it's a transexual drag queen with a bad hair weave!" - Cecily

11. Paris Hilton in jail? : That's Hot!

12. What is it with me and dancefloor PDA anyways?

13. Gotta be the likka I tell you!

14. I been doing the most as of late

15. Be easy Teej

16. You would have never gotten me to believe I'd let someone talk me to going to Baton

17. But I do say 'Never say Never', right?

18. Lesley says....

A)"Sex *can* really be a way for two people to connect on the deepest levels imaginable....or...it can be some bullshit. It's a lot like the difference between a fine home cooked meal and some shit that's been sitting under the heat lamp at McDonald's."

B)"God didn't make us all fresh I suppose....*brushes off shoulder*...Thanks, God!"

C)"Shit is the quickest was to 'lose your sexy'"

19. Les you spit that hot fiyah son!

20. So Bush is like "I dont give a fuck what none of yall say. Im keeping them niggas in Iraq til I say so!"

21. How can one person be that ignorant and stubborn?

22. Everytime he does some extra dumb shit I swear I just stare at all the red states like 'You know this shit is yall fault, right?'

23. I sooooooooooooo plan to do the most in LA this year

24. Per Valencia's suggestion I did put ice in my warm Chardonay for a quick chilling

25. Of course I took the ice out after a couple minutes

26. But who the hell thinks and/or knows to do that anyways?

27. "I got troubles within, troubles without/Making it through but tryin' to figure it out/Tryin' to stay right when the world is so wrong/But I gotta keep moving and press on/Gotta stay real, tryin' to be strong/Making it close but gotta hold on" - Mary J. Blige "Press On"

28. I been slacking on my praying before bed as of late

29. And Lord knows I need not do that b/c I need to be praying for the strength not to kill a 15 yr old on the daily

30. Shit...I prolly need to get it in 4x a day like the Muslims do


32. I find myself randomly calling my mom to apologize for shit I did as a teenager

33. $30 for one movie on DVD?

34. This shit better answer every question I could ever think of in life Keir!

35. "I know this girl whose name is Lola/She lives in a country called
Angola/Yo..is Lola's last name Falana?/(No)/Well, my cousin lives in Botswana/(Are they in war too?)/Is a heel on a shoe?/My man...they know apartheid like I know you!" - Stetsasonic "A.F.R.I.C.A."

36. God bless Marquise & Quinton Jackson and their family

37. Sometimes you just cant make shit make sense...no matter how hard you try

38. Senselessness is just senselessness

39. *sigh*

40. She said I like 'model types'

41. Ehh...not so much. I mostly just like those whom I click with like that

42. Were my mama and granny in kahootz by calling me back to back during 'Boston Legal'?

43. "People are you ready?/(Yes we're ready!)/Are you really ready?/(We wanna be ready!)/Ready for the change that may approach you?/(Yes!)/Follow down the path that you supposed to?/(Yes!)/...You know mistakes are trials that we learn from?/(Yes!)/In order to live life, you must earn one?/(Yes!)" - De La Soul "Trying People"

44. Knowing that eventually I'll have to ask someone to forgive me for something I've done I suppose I should forgive you.....but then I think on everything and I get angry. So you'll have to give me time

45. Im not ashamed to admit that Im kinda feeling that damn 'Lipgloss' song

46. True Im a 29 yr old grown ass man......

47. ...but shorty be going for hers and the beat is knockin!

48. *hangs head in semi-shame*

49. Fuck that! Yeah I like that shit....and nigga what?!?!?

50. And finally Keira says.....

A)"just smoke me out first, but if you're like 'Keir, made you some eggs.....Have you seen this flick?....."

B)"you WILL cry hard tears....like the way you did when ET was being held captive and almost died"

C)"This is a wobbly ass joint"

D)"Well at least you are not ugly. It sucks when the ugly person has strong genes"


j.a.c. said...

23. Stop on by! LA welcomes you.

T.C. said...

2. who you tellin
3. ah, HELLO!
21. and selfish
32. too funny...angie driving you that crazy huh?
37. aint that the truth
44. take your time, just as long as you know...that's the good part...it'll come
45. me TOO!!!! its cute and age appropriate-and she got flow...
46. i am a grown woman...
48.*sign, hanging my head with you*
50.d. CLASSIC!