Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Lesson In Absurd Pettiness

Man, what the fuck is your problem!!??!!?!?
People are starving around the world
AIDS is sweeping thru the black community like yo mama usta sweep
the living room floor on Saturday afternoons
Im STILL young, black and male
which means my chances of being murdered (by the police or ANYONE else for that matter)
are STILL better than everybody else's
Unemployment is a bitch!
The cost of living is a bigger one
The man wont take his proverbial foot out my neck
and Bush's punk ass wont stop deploying troops to Iraq!!!
All this shit going on in the world
and you got the nerve to ask me
if I like light skinned girls or dark skinned girls better?!!?!?


Afro Diva said...

I really want to say something profound, but honestly, you have summed it up completely.

T.C. said...

Teej---every time I think you ahve said it all, you say something ELSE that really takes me to the next level...I mean really...

I too, like afro diva, want to say something deep, provocative and well thought out...but I think you said it all and all that seems to come to my mind is
BOI BYE...get your mind right...

Teej said...

I was just trying to convey the thought that : there is too much going on in this world around us for us to weigh ourselves down with pettiness.

Funny thing is....on my myspace alot of people didnt get that message.

They kept saying that I avoided the question!?!?!?!?!??

T.C. said...

& I am about to sound really sterotypical which I HATE to do...but i am NOT surprised by your myspace reaction at all

j.a.c. said...

That was powerful Anthony. (You said you wanted to start using your full name right? Does that apply to blogworld?)

Shai said...


DivineLavender said...

This one is your best ever!