Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The "Shit Is Real " List

1. "You came out in front while I was hiding/But now I'm so much better/and if my words don't come together/Listen to the melody/......cause my love is in there hiding" - Donny Hathaway "A Song For You"
2. That's a helluva song there!
3. While I love Karen Carpenter's voice, her versions of "A Song For You" and "Superstar" just dont hold a candle to Donny's and Luther's

4. I got hella work to do
5. Why Im bullshittin and wasting time Ill never know
6. "Flavor of Love" will not suck me in. "Flavor of Love" will not suck me in. "Flavor of Love" will not suck me in.
7. I just have to keep telling myself that
8. Lesley, sweetie...your place IS NOT the mess you make it to sound like
9. I will however need them to take a look at that banister though
10. "I dont want the world to blow/before we a chance to let our love grow/I dont really wanna fuss and fight/Baby we might have numbered nights/We might never get our money right/We can take off this patch tonight!/Bombs going off everywhere/The police got us running scared/But I still got some love to share/Plus you know I stopped smoking squares" - The Coup f/ Sylk E. Fyne "BabyLet'sHaveABbabyBeforeBushDoSomethingCrazy"
11. So Bush is just not gonna get any smarter, huh?
12. Dude where im from.....unless you are 3 yrs of age or younger and you by chance happened to have ripped off ur diaper and gotten away.....if u shit in my house anywhere but the toilet you gon have to get the fuck out!
13. They got some nerve to act funny towards me when they obviously dont even know the whole damn story
14. They'll get no more of my energy though
15. Fuck 'em up against the wall!
16. Where the fuck is my Alanis Morrisette CD?
17. Scream-singing the lyrics to "Ironic", "You Oughta Know" and "You Learn" is really theraputic to me
18. Drew we'll see what you got to say when Drea kick yo ass in Madden
19. She's a pitbull in a skirt on that joint I tell you!
20. "I worked at Sam Goody when (De La Soul's) "Three Feet High and Rising" came out, and my first act of theft at that store was taking the promo cassette." - Amir "Questlove" Thompson
21. I actually do kinda like my job
22. .....but at the end of the day the pay just aint doing it for the 100's
23. Especially since Lil Ms. Thang will be living with me
24. "AINT DOIN IT FOR THE 100'S " - It's not working. Not a good idea.

25. I dunno if this dude killed JonBenet
26. I think he's just one of those confess to famous crimes crazy people
"The expectation of my life was that I MIGHT be able to work for some good white folks. Now I got some good white folks WORKING FOR ME." - Oprah Winfrey
28. You tell 'em Okrah!
29. FYI.....'Okrah' is my nickname for Oprah
30. Yeah I even give nicknames to people I dont personally know
31. Damn the 6th will be here in a minute... :(
32. I think the reason Little Richard acts like that is b/c he has never ejaculated in his life.
33. She now sells crack out of that project house that I was surprised to find out her and her mama still stay in b/c they lived there apparently for over 20 years now.....like since my brother and I were maybe 6 & 7 and we used to go there to spend the weekend at my aunt's (who thankfully doesnt stay around that way anymore)

34. For one : she's selling crack. For two : why are they still there!?!?!?
35. *deep sigh*
"...no jacket/no umbrella/just warm!" - Jill Scott "Love Rain"
37. Chicken Noodle Soup dance?!?!?!?!
38. Is that what it's come to?
39. Can I get some substance out you bastards?
40. *reaches for Nina Simone CD*
41. Damn the 6th will be here in a minute... :(
42. Doesnt it suck that we are able to give great advice to everyone else but cant seem to follow or apply it for ourselves?
"Seems like....we met in heaven.....before this earth!" - Mary J. Blige "I Found My Everything"
44. I remember that feeling
45. Would be nice again but I know I aint ready
46. White people still dont believe in personal space
47. French people apparently just never heard of personal space
48. If I did self publish a book of poetry......
49. .....would yall buy my shit?
50. "White peopele go 'Why do you guys hold your things(penis)?'.. Cause yall done took every thing else motherfucka!" - Richard Pryor
51. So I thought I was done with this list until.....
52. .....I saw Beyonce's "Ring The Alarm" video
53. Ive concluded that either she's been popping them e-pills during her last couple video shoots.....
54. .....or they need to go on ahead and fit her ass for a straight jacket before she hurts someone soon
55. This 'interesting' enough for you?
56. I've discovered sooooo many cool blogs as of late
57. Now if I only knew how to link them on my blog page
58. Dre? Can I get yo assistance please?
59. Missy and nem in Boston got me hella jelly

60. I think Im finna organize a bloggers night out.
61. Who's down?
62. I pub-ed the hell outta Spike's "When The Leeves Broke" but I didnt get to see it b/c I was 'getting shit for white people'

63. Im sure Ill catch the re-run soon
64. My family is sooooooooooooooo hood
65. No really.....I'm the lame of the family
66. He has 7 kids at 24
67. "But what can ya say.....it's family!" - Jill Scott "Family Reunion"


Drea said...
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s.R said...

12. and chick had the nerve to say "i mean, everybody does it, you know?" WHAT!?! everyone does not shit on themselves, bend down and pick it up, drop it again and keep walking. are you kidding me?
26. i'm thinking the same thing.
38. simply put, yes.
39. simply put, no.
49. for tree-fiddy? (if you haven't seen that episode of south park, that might not be too funny, but it's funny to me so that's all that really matters)
50. the inclusion of a pryor quote has bumped you up about 4 notches on the list of blogs to check daily.
55. see fiddy.

(when i don't have anything to write about on my own blog, i go fill up other people's comment boxes. sorry)

dreamgirl said...

1. You know I'm over here misting up...it's something about reading the words and letting them marinate. *sigh*
11. Nope, and I'm sure he's gonna try and go out w/ a bang so stack your chips man, stack your chips.
26. I'm with you.
27. This chick is so amazing...I'd wash her feet...I'd just skip the exfoliation process in case the Lord comes back to get me, I need to reserve a little somethin' extra for Him.
42. They call me Dr. Ruth and I SO don't have it together. Don't understand it, but I truly appreciate it.
49. Yeah, nigga damn!
54. She's just showing us how true it is that those w/ alot of talent are usually just a bit 'cuckoo'. In her head, it's hot and makes perfect sense.
61. ME!

Later...ditto to what sR said. Maybe I'll try and come up w/ something on my own..but riding coattails is an enjoyable pasttime. ;)

T.C. said...

10. Deep
12. who you telling...the @ass kicking terms
14. I feel you! Constantly being tried is not a good look...
17. Try #s 6-12 on that Gnarls CD...
27. One day O...I am coming for your spot...Hell even if I come half way I am GREAT!
39. Exactly! Folks have no creativity anymore...and this mess SUCKS!
45. Feel you
64. Your?! Man...my folks need their own reality TV show...

Reese said...

16.& 17. I was thinking the SAME thing the other day... I SWEAR!

There is REALLY NO way to get around word verification is there?

JerseyTjej said...

Nique sent me...I didn't see the HBO special either...lookin for a bloggin friend to TiVO it for me.Nice post!

the kid said...

hiya, i decided to come over from sR's after seeing u're digging corinne bailey rae. so i might become a silent lurker. :)

NegroPino said...


A woman on the move said...

11. So Bush is just not gonna get any smarter, huh?
We have a better chance of seeing New Orleans revitalized by the end of the year.

22. .....but at the end of the day the pay just aint doing it for the 100's
I know this story oh too well…

25. I dunno if this dude killed JonBenet
Why the hell is this dude flying Business class across the world while in custody?

The Mistress said...

Nice list! First trip to your blog.

I'm shocked to see a black man saying he loves Karen Carpenter's voice...I LOVE HER! Very impressed.

j.a.c. said...

57. How to post links to other blogs:

Did you figure out how to do this? Let me know. (Hit me up on my page.) I tried to copy and paste the commands in here but HTML is not accepted on this page.

P.S. I really enjoy your blog.