Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quote I Like 4/11/10

"Sometimes when I'm stuck I go to an office building, ride the elevator and stare at the lawyers, stock brokers, and accountants in their power suits. Just the thought of having to wear pantyhose all day and work in a building where I can't open the windows usually makes me grateful to come home and write. If that doesn't work, I forbid myself to write for a week. The subconscious doesn't like being told what to do and it frequently becomes inventive after an enforced vacation. Other times, I put aside what I'm blocked on and work on something else. Shopping, of course, helps." - Margo Kaufman

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T.C. said...

now don't get me wrong i am blessed to have this job...but yes it can definitely restrict the "creative" side of a i digs this a lot and if you are fortunate enough to not have to work a "9 to 5" its a GREAT blessing!