Saturday, April 10, 2010

Misc. Blog 7

I cant write for shit.

*le sigh* I mean obviously there are things to write about b/c the world dont stop moving but I've just not found the inspiration to write about them.


Oh well.....Im an artist. We can be as flaky as we want.

I did decide though that my blog will look different and maybe not be so personal and "all about me"-ish. I'll blog here and there about various shit. You'll see what I mean in time I guess.

Be blessed yall,



ndygo sunshyne said...

things happen in cycles (sayeth the lazy writer who blogs to force some type of discipline). you have to question whether it's time to phase out of this & create something else w/new energy or if it's time to stop coddling your "lazy writer" side & hop to it.
when you have felt it, i've felt you.

Angie Writes said...

Writing about not being able to write is STILL writing. Keep pressing the keys. That's the way to knock the block.

Toya said...

i understand, i been blogging since like 02' and i haven't really had the motivation to write...only when i'm going thru something lol...but now i update it about once or twice or 5 times a back in 02' i use to blog like everyday almost. anyways great blog, it seems interesting. i read a couple post (found your blog when i was looking up The Bus Stop" song on google. glad i came across it. now maybe i can be motivated to read more, lol. probably not.