Friday, March 13, 2009

Throw Bernie UNDER The Jail!

“Dont do the crime/if you cant do the time/but Im rollin’/so thats a fucked up slogan!” - Ice Cube “We Had To Tear This Muthafucka Up”

So as you may or may not have heard, Bernie Madoff, former head of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange was recently convicted of fraud, perjury, and a whole bunch of other shit. He pulled off the biggest caper in like all of history when he swindled hundreds of people out of anywhere between 50-65 BILLION dollars.

Yes you read that right. I said BILLION with a ‘B’!!!! He got everyone from big Hollywood stars to working class folks to non profit charities. He was found guilty of all charges and faces up to 150 years behind bars.

He is 70 years old and quite frankly I hope his punk ass gets ALL 150 years. I hope when he does die that they leave his body in the cell for the duration of his sentence! And it might sound like Im being non-sensical but c’mon. You know the type of ‘good ol boys’ treatment these white collar criminals get. Their ‘jail’ be looking like a country club and shit. Dude stole 50 BILLION yo! Meanwhile mu’fuckin Craig who got busted for selling a 20 sack of weed is sentenced to the maximum first time offense sentence of like 10 years HARD TIME. You know the story.

Damn the ACLU….I think when you get convicted of some bogus shit like this all your civil rights as human are out the door! This dude needs to be on some straight boot camp, license plate making, $.12 an hour dish-washing, peas and water everyday for the rest of his life shit!

Yall watch. Wait til all this shit blows over and the hype dies down. Dude is going to one of the country club jails to get his chill on. Meanwhile the damn 90 year old lady who he took for her whole life’s savings is gonna be ass out when she has to go back to work to make ends meet!

I know life aint always fair but really………

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