Friday, March 06, 2009

It Was Written?

Okay so let’s talk destiny my good people.

You hear people say all the time that ‘All things happen for a reason’ and it’s pretty damn easy to explain away things with that little saying but is it true?

I’m not so sure.

When someone is killed tragically…..especially a child…(hit by a car, stray bullet, falling ice even!) ‘All things happen for a reason’ does not do it for me.

Im a firm believer in ‘Life is what you make it’. I think we have more control over our lives and the things that transpire in it than we give ourselves credit for. So destiny? Ehhh…..Im not so convinced. It’s all a balancing act really. The universe runs off of the concept of balance. You got joy and pain. Hot and cold. High and low. Rain and sunshine. I can go on but you get the point, right? We need both of those things. Just like we need both skill and luck. You gotta know when to push and when to pull. When to take the lead and when to let things fall into place. Balance I say!!!!

Are you meant to be with the person you are with? Are you destined to be with a certain someone you have yet to meet? Is that career you are in or seeking what was preordained for you? I cant really say for sure, but I do know this : You cant sit on your hands and let life happen to you. You have to be proactive and grab it by the pubic hairs if you have to! A tad excessive that line might’ve been, but it surely drives home the point Im trying to make.

Your happiness and fulfillment is up to you. Its great to have faith and to believe, but ultimately it falls upon you.

Write your own destiny!

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