Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The "May As Well Tell It To Your Shoe" List

1. "No you wont be naming no buildings after me/To go down dilapidated/No you wont be naming no buildings after me/My name will be misstated, surely/This world done changed so much yeah yeah/This world done changed since I been conscious....." - Erykah Badu "A.D. 2000"

2. Am I the only one who feels as though the jury is still out on Erykah's new album?

3. I suppose at the very least I should thank her for not dumbing it down and actually making me hafta think, huh?

4. Nothing politicians do really surprises me anymore

5. Even if they get caught in a prostitution ring...or if they get caught soliciting gay sex in a airport bathroom....or if they have babies out of wedlock with staff members....or if they get caught getting head in their office from an intern.....

6. You get the point, right?

7. I guess it just goes to show that they are just as fucked up as the rest of us....possibly even moreso

8. WTF is with T-Pain and that damn top hat anyways??!?!!?

9. Do yall wanna just jump him too?

10. "See, that's a sign...your ass dont need to be meeting black people!" - Steen

11. I think you woulda had to been there to hear it in context

12. Oh why oh why do I *heart* Havana Ginger like I do?

13. It's really weird/hard to listen to some of my favorite MC's and musicians b/c I know people who've dated them

14. And to hear stories of their shortcomings juxtaposed against their lyrics and songs and image.....

15. In the end I guess we're all human and no one is perfect, right?

16. My vacay was going great until I got sick!

17. Then it's like WTF is the point of being on vacay if you're too sick to enjoy it?

18. "If there's a camera up in here/Then it's gonna leave with me when I do (I do)/If there's a camera up in here/Then I'd best not catch this flick on YouTube (YouTube)/'Cuz if you run your mouth and brag about this secret rendezvous/I will hunt you down/'Cuz they be all up in my business like a Wendy interview/But this is private between you and I..." - Mariah Carey "Touch My Body"

19. Hate on Mimi if you want, but this shit is kinda hot

20. Can you tell Im excited they brought Jesse and Angie back on 'All My Children'?

21. Like for real....they might've been my very first image of hardcore black love.....maybe even before Cliff & Clair

22. Im not sure if that previous statement was sad or ironic or what, but dammit it's my truth

23. Sylvi Im praying for you and your family hun

24. And yes honey....COUNTLESS more Sunday mornings to appreciate and simply bask in each other ;)

25. God bless the family of Jamiel Shaw as well

26. Life Lesson #395673 : Some people are just beyond helping. Try and try all you want. You may as well tell it to your shoe. Some people just need to learn or experience shit the extremely hard way until it sinks the fuck in

27. "Chunk them the deuces…...IN JESUS' NAME!" - Summer G

28. My sentiments exactly!

29. The child sold her old bras and some unused panties on ebay for like $80

30. What can you say except 'Cant knock the hustle', right?

31. I might buy alot of shit online....used CD's, used books, but I aint buying nobodies old drawers, but maybe that's just me!

32. Somebody get the word to Janet that she needs an entirely new sound

33. I love ya Jan, but most of your new album sounds like it coulda easily fit in 4 albums ago

34. Hot Damn! This grown man swag of mine is a muthafucka at times I tell you

35. "My charm is a felony" - Fabolous "Trade It All"

36. If you couldnt tell.....yeah Im feeling myself a bit

37. Janel....I love you to pieces and Im sowwy I missed ur party, but trust in the condition that I was in on Saturday....I did you a favor homie!

38. Sometimes Im a lil trife as far as lotioning up after I get out the shower

39. Hell sometimes Im a lil trife about getting in the damn

40. It's my shit. I can say what I damn well please!

41. Do people really believe me to be in danger when I dont log into myspace for a few days?

42. Ya know....sometimes I do participate in life away from my keyboard

43. "You got me day dreamin/thinking bout rings and switchin up my whole life style/I call you on the phone on my way home/Treating you is on my mind/I’ll be cutting up greens, picking pinto beans/I know you like rice and gravy/Be at my door before eight, you bring the cake/Babe tonight will be fine..." - Algebra Blessett "You Do It For Me"

44. Dude if you are sleeping on Algebra please wake the fuck up! Sis is THE TRUTH! GO COP HER SHIT, SON!!!!

45. The lady on the plane back to Chicago had on a surgical mask b/c she said she got sick the last 2 times she flew Southwest

46. Am I wrong for wanting to turn around, smack fire out of her, and tell her dumb ass to fly another fucking airline if that was case?

47. How in the world did I live with no Sportscenter for a week?!?!!??

48. I havent had to 'get shit for white people' in almost a week and a half....and Im really okay with that!

49. This list took a kinda melancholy turn if you ask me

50. "You know how it is when you go to be the subject of a psychology experiment, and nobody else shows up, and you think maybe that's a part of the experiment? Im like that all the time" - Steven Wright

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