Monday, March 24, 2008

FUCK Rant Part Deux

FUCK being set free after serving 25 years for a crime you didnt commit!
FUCK weighing in at 270lbs!
FUCK the Chicago Bears for making the team WORSE during the offseason and not BETTER!
FUCK Geraldine Ferraro!
FUCK being a pack rat!

FUCK Corporate......once again!
FUCK only being scheduled for 2 days this week!
FUCK their so called retaliation b/c I refused to work any more overnights!
FUCK the hypocrisy of that place!
FUCK teetering between stability and complacency!

FUCK being addicted to and!
FUCK that...them shits are funny and I know better than to believe EVERYTHING I read!
FUCK not having home training!
FUCK anyone who is uneasy and uncomfortable with quiet and silence!
FUCK the fool on the train that HAD TO break up the peacefulness by talking loud as shit on his cell phone!

FUCK strawberry milkshakes for being soooooooooo good!
FUCK the whole Bear Stearns fiasco!
FUCK all these upsets in NCAA tournament for fucking up EVERYONE'S brackets!
FUCK being indecisive!
FUCK those damn white people for letting their dogs play with each other in the hotel lobby! If yall dont take yall asses to a damn dog park with that shit......!

FUCK the unrest in Tibet!
FUCK the fool who bought a corn flake shaped like the state of Illinois for $1350 on eBay!
FUCK misplaced priorities!
FUCK 'the world. Dont ask me for shit!' - Biggie Smalls & Method Man 1994
FUCK you if you cant dig this story....

FUCK being propositioned by a swinging couple!
FUCK the entire Eastern Conference of the NBA for being wack compared to the West!
FUCK fast food for being soooooooo affordable when you're trying to eat right!
FUCK having to be on a budget!
FUCK my brother for being halfway partly serious about that whole 'secondary son' tangent he went on!

FUCK annoying people who dont even realize that they are annoying!
FUCKING waiting 8 years and counting for Dr. Dre to release "Detox"!
FUCK everyone who is trying to use Pastor Wright's words against Obama!
FUCK McCain for vowing to remain in Iraq until "the job is done"!
FUCK reaching 4000 American casualties in this dumb ass on-going war!

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T.C. said...

FUCK 'the world. Dont ask me for shit!' - Biggie Smalls & Method Man 1994

pretty much