Monday, January 07, 2008

The "You Decide If You Like" List

1. "Music can lift us out of depression or move us to tears - it is a remedy, a tonic, orange juice for the ear. But for many of my neurological patients, music is even more - it can provide access, even when no medication can, to movement, to speech, to life. For them, music is not a luxury, but a necessity. - Oliver Sacks via the side of another Starbucks cup

2. I mean really what more is there to say?

3. btw this particular list will have more quotes than usual

4. As you'll soon see I have some fucking hilarious and insightful friends

5. I had no intention of even listing again so soon, but this one was sorta begging to be written

6. So Obama takes Iowa (and as of this listing prolly New Hampshire too), huh?

7. I really really want him to have like double the secret service.....and even some more security to watch the secret service dudes

8. You cant put nothing past those good ol boys

9. But with that said........

10. "If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

11. I aint no ordinary nigga/Look around/This aint what ordinary get ya!" - Jay Z "Say Hello"

12. How'd you allow yourself to get played by a dude named JuneBug!!?!!

13. Shit he had betta had hella game with a name like JuneBug in 2008!

14. Im a little pissed b/c the Milli Vanilli CD I ordered thru amazon didnt come with the CD case

15. And yes I said Milli Vanilli......that album is classic. You cant deny that!

16. There arent many things I love more than bending over and spreading 'em for

17. Les I know you feel me on that *pat pat*

18. "Hey if I fuck her, I fuck her. If I dont fuck her....fuck her!" - Ontario circa 2003

19. Dude said that in the midst of conversation. He didnt stop to think about or put it together. He just said it. Fucking brilliant!!

20. A tad misogynistic I admit, but brilliant nonetheless lol

21. Im becoming more and more guarded of my time as of late

22. Like I need a super fantastic reason to go out....otherwise I'd rather go home, watch The Golden Girls and laugh my ass off

23. My time (and yours) is waaaay too valuable to be putting up with people and their bullshit

24. If the bullshit they bring far outweighs any possible joy I advise you to take up Mina's newfound interest.....

25. "I've developed a new found interest in watching people partake in the sport of rock-kicking!" - Mina

26. Say word!!!!!

27. Sometimes I wonder if some of these hotel guests are slow, stupid or just a little retarded

28. If stupidity were a crime I would be forced to make citizen's arrests about as often as I inhale!

29. "And Im back on my grind/A psychic read my lifeline/Told me in my lifetime/My name would help light up the Chicago skyline/....I'm a star, how could I not shine?!?!?" - Kanye West "I Wonder"

30. Yup....SMG us!

31. D'Leo and I are finna turn this mutha out MC Hammer style!

32. I guess I dont have to send the search party after all, huh Nai ;)

33. So people really used pigeons to send messages and letters back and forth, huh?

34. When you think about it, unless someone was Dr. Doolittle out that mug and able to effectively communicate with the pigeons, how the hell could anyone be assured that their letter would get to its intended location?

35. You see the type of randomness listing lends itself to?

36. "Come on now! How the fuck you in the McDonalds drive thru beggin and trying to make mu'fuckas feel bad but you whip out a cell phone while walking away?" - Andrea

37. I dunno what to tell you Drea.....the world is a hustle. I once tried to offer a street dude some spaghetti that I didnt touch that came with my meal and he said he didnt like italian!

38. My follow-through sucks Malaysian monkey nuts at times

39. At least I recognize this problem though. I suppose it gives me a better chance at fixing it, huh?

40. I think The Pats will finish the season undefeated

41. Am I the only one who thinks Fox's new show 'Moment of Truth' is just wrong on so many levels?

42. For the love of any and everything sacred PLEEEEEEEASE give the writers what they want!!!

43. "When you listen to the list of side effects of almost every drug on the market, every cure, it renews my faith in vaseline, vapor rub, a poultice of onions, aspirin, uncoated, and a lot other old timey remedies, peroxide, iodine, and the like." - Mama Ackie

44. Im saying...a decrease in blood pressure and rashes among other things aint worth 'restless leg syndrome'.

45. And really that even real? They be making shit up to get you to take all these damn drugs

46. "Take your time/Baby dont you rush a thing/Dont you know I know/we are all struggling/ I know it is hard/but we will get by..." - Mary J. Blige "My Life"

47. I tell you about trying to give trifling black folks the benefit of the doubt.......

48. It is possible to give of yourself too much at times

49. Effective time management allows for so much more to get done

50. "And this here's the next chapter in my life/An ongoing saga I decided to write/I decided it's right!/You decide if you like/You decided you like/God bless and goodnight!" - Rapper Big Pooh "When Everything Is New"


T.C. said...

1. very true hence the reason i keeps the headphones on at work...
10. very true (maybe i'll have a "very true list")
14. you are one of a kind
21. i have been doing that...
22. that and Reba!
37. i tried giving fruit one time and was turned down very nasty by th way...i CLEARLY didn't offer him anything again
48. too much of yourself...
50. well alright

DiamondsR4eva said...

Nice post, very memorable and quotable things in this entry.

Love that line by Kanye it would be even better if u just edit out chicago and say atlanta :)

Happy New Year!

Eb the Celeb said...

lmao at #28... I always run into the most ignorant people... and all i can do is laugh... unless they are keeping me from doing what I gotta do... like the food stamp people at the grocery store