Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The "It Makes My Teeth White" List

1. "I missed the part where it stopped being about Imus/What do my lyrics have to do with this shit?/....Are you saying what I'm spitting/is worse than these celebutantes showin' they kitten?/You kidding?/Lets stop the bullshittin'/Til' we all without sin/let's quit the pulpit-ing!" - Jay-Z "Ignorant Shit"

2. WORD!

3. I said it last list and it bares repeating : GET OFF HIP HIP'S DICK!

4. There isn't much that I love more than when people move out of my building and sell household shit that I need for rock bottom prices!

5. Who knew adding a dresser would make me feel like I have more space!?!?

6. Apparently I have a bunch of narcoleptic friends and didn't know it

7. I had like 5 people tell me they got dressed to go to my bday party but then they fell asleep on their couch before they could leave

8. Dontcha hate it when that happens?.....I sure as hell do!

9. But I still love yall trife asses though

10. "My cousin in Tibet is an illiterate farmer. By accident of birth, I was raised in the West and have a Ph.D. The task of our generation is to cut through the illusion that we inhabit separate worlds. Only then will we find the heart to rise to the daunting but urgent challenges of global disparity" - Losang Rabgey

11. I could very well be the only person to really pay attention to the quotes on the sides of Starbucks cups

12. So this fucker went crazy, tried to set himself and his 2 small boys on fire, then drove them to his brother's house?!?!?!?!

13. Tori weren't we talking about people having to test out to be allowed to have children or something to that effect?

14. God bless Dr. West's life and her family

15. Sylvi and Geli God bless you and your fam as well....I have yall in my prayers

16. RIP Greg Jackson

17. Damn I swear it gets thick sometimes

18. "And as you journey into outer space/may the angels help to lead the way/May the prayers that our families made/shine upon your soul to keep you safe/...As you headed into the tunnel's light/I hope it leads to eternal life..." - Scarface "Smile"

19. It gets heavy I tell you

20. Sometimes I forget that I'm grown and then an extra grown ass woman will hit on me and then I remember....'Oh shit! I am 30!!!'

21. How did I manage to grab the wrong applesauce at the store?

22. FYI : Homestlye applesauce w/ apple chunks kinda negates the purpose of applesauce

23. In fact that shit is blasphemous if you ask me

24. Speaking of Blasphemy....a school teacher in Sudan faces imprisonment and 40 lashes (they still do that?!?!?) after letting her class of 7 year olds name their teddy bears as a class project b/c one the kids named their bear 'Muhammad'....as in the Muslim messiah

25. They are really fearful for this lady's life b/c Muslim extremist have already started swarming the station that she's being held

26. I mean really......WTF?!?!?!!?

27. "And if Al Sharpton is speaking for me/somebody get him the word and tell him I don't approve/Tell him I'll remove the curses/if you tell me our schools gon' be perfect/When 'Jena 6' don't exist/Tell him THAT'S when I'll stop saying 'bitch'......BIIITCH!" - Jay-Z "Say Hello"

28. Stace I'm sorry if you reading this....I know the double Jigga quotes have you damn near ready to puke and all.....but the boy be saying some shit

29. Note To Self : Dude!!! Bananas are not your friend! At least not while you are out in public. What they cause you to emit into the air just aint fair to your fellow living creatures

30. Yup.....the aroma is just that foul!

31. I hope they don't think they can back me into a corner and somehow trick me into taking on doing the night audit again

32. They are gonna be fat girls in bikinis if thats what they think

33. btw....'Fat girls in bikinis' = Ass out!

34. You ever ran across someone so utterly stupid and clueless that you have to stop and ponder just how it is that they are still alive and have made it this far in life?

35. "Maybe sometimes, we feel afraid but it's alright...." - Corinne Bailey Rae "Put Your Records On"

36. You know that thing that you love to do? DO IT MORE OFTEN!!!!

37. Obviously I'm back on this 'No Sleep Til Brooklyn' shit again

38. Eventually I'll learn

39. I just listened to a new joint by the Wu called "Rushing Elephants"

40. Wu-Tang has the best song titles EVER!

41. LMAO......She said he was irking her clit nerves!!

42. I don't have one but I gotta imagine that is some hellified irking going on

43. "Dreamlover come rescue me/Take me up take me down/Take me anywhere you want to baby now/I need you so desperately/Won't you please come around/'Cause I wanna share forever with you baby" - Mariah Carey "Dreamlover"

44. I mean I love me some Keyshia Cole and her extra hoodness and all but....is she still teething?

45. Am I wrong for that?

46. My Sway Music playlist kicks ass!!!!!

47. Why cant I stop listening to "Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat?

48. Like seriously.....I've gone to bed to it like the last 4 nights in a row

49. Be thankful for wine!

50. "Everybody wanna get on board about not saying the word 'Nigga' now. Where were you punk muthafuckas when it actually meant something (30 years ago)? Now you wanna stop people from saying it now when it dont mean shit. What about then? I've been called 'nigga' enough where I can say it anytime I want. I say the word 'Nigga' 100 times every morning when I get up. It makes my teeth white!" - Paul Mooney


T.C. said...


7. that's me though

10. CLASSIC-i am trying to get my think she deserves it all little cousin to get that...you got what you got because you just so happened to be born into that particular family, it could have been different...youngins think the world owes them somethign...

14. RIP Steven Taylor, #21 Washington Redskins

17. don't it though...too thick if you ask me..."this can't be life"

34. you too...

35. beautiful

48. that's what i need some good music to help me sleep because its getting rough

James Tubman said...

i can't even comment because there was too many thought

my head hurts and i'm about to go to bed


Summer G said...

you are THROWWWED!

Sorry for the delay.. I'm just now loggin in... Blogging will commense this weekend. Its been hectic, lil homie.

LOVES your posts tho. :-)
Save me a seat b/c I will be BACK very soon.