Monday, November 22, 2004

Soda or Pop?

I told my co-worker that I was going downstairs to go get a 'pop'. She looked at me like I was crazy and told me to hold out my hand and she'd give me a pop alright. She corrected me and told me I was going to get a 'soda'. I in turn looked at her like she was crazy and informed her that I was not mistaken. I was going to get a 'pop' dammit!

She's a black woman...she got like 5 years on me and she's from THE CHI' where in the world does she get off referring to it as 'soda'??? This aint 1963 yo! Who calls it 'soda' but people in rural areas where you gotta walk a mile and a half to go speak to your neighbor? Especially in in Chicago. I promise it's only 2 kinds of people who've I heard refer to it as 'soda'....

1. Non-blacks (as stereotypical as it may sound)....and lemme take that back....southern black may call it soda or soda pop down there.

2. All other races and ANYONE on TV.

Maybe it's just a really 'urban' sounding word, but thinking back on it....I cant not recall EVER hearing it on TV. Funny now....I feel like the fucking minority in this. LOL.


Anonymous said...

I know some black folks who call it 'soda'... I cringe when I hear it, though. I'm riding for the word 'pop' til the wheels fall off.

steeeeen said...

Um...I'm black and I call it soda. It's a regional thing. I also carry a purse, not a pocket book. And I wear tennis shoes, not sneakers. But I'm in California...if you hear someone refer to soda as "pop" out here, it's like "where are you from?!"

AJ said...

WORD TJ! LOL! I know it depends on where you are from. The guy I was talkin to on Twitter is from NY. When I went to NY & said "pop" they were like "WHERE are you from?" LOL They also say Sneakers or Sneakas and I say tennis shoes....I guess it just depends on where your from. We are midwest, they are east coast...IDK. - AJ