Sunday, November 28, 2004


There's a pivotal scene in the movie 'Alfie' where Alfie has to face the best friend that he deeply hurt by sleeping with his girl and impregnating her. See Alfie was the guy too damn charming for his own good. And basically his charm got him in trouble. He was a good natured guy, but he seemed to get in trouble nonetheless. Anyways at the end of the scene Alfie is apologizing to his best friend and he's sorta speechless cuz he sees the hurt in his boy's eyes. And Alfie is like "I'm sorry. I never meant......" And his boy says "I know you never meant to hurt me. But YOU DO hurt people Alfie!" Whoa! That shit blew me away! And the crazy shit is/was I was totally relating to Alfie in how his charm kinda got him in trouble even when he didnt mean for it to. Unfortunately I can relate. If Im not mistaken...he ended up alone at the end of the movie. This aint the movie though dog. I aint got no pre-written script I gotta follow. Im the director of this here production of Teej's life. I can change and edit and re-write where I see fit. And I aint really feeling the 'lonely' ending. Therefore Im starting on my re-writes right now. Thanks.

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