Monday, February 08, 2010

For Lovers Repeatedly Trying

Because no one ever said it would be easy
and you sure as hell didnt expect it to be this hard

My God!

You love them.
They love you back
and thats that.

Pretty simple stuff one would think, but no.

If you factor in
the baggage
the hang ups
the near misses
the war wounds that have yet to heal
the bad timing
the inexperience
the catastrophic karma
(yours or theirs)
and just having downright shitty luck

One of lesser faith would be tempted to throw in the towel
become asexual
and "focus on my career"

Meanwhile those of us
that know it's a marathon
and not a sprint
will pick ourselves up
dust ourselves off
give it one good deep sigh
and try just once more

Because we're lovers
and lovers

Its what we do.


clair with an 'e' said...

aww..him so special :)

24karats said...

Thanks Teej! I needed that!


T.C. said...

so very very true

Rachel said...

I love it Teej!!! Absolutely...its what we do, b/c we're lovers...<3 ya!